Secure Web Hosting in Pakistan

Today, websites face a constant risk of security breaches and malware exposure, which can be very harmful. However, RabHost secure hosting provides protection against these web attacks and offers you tools to help you save time, money, and protect your reputation. We believe that these services should be provided to you without any extra charge.

RabHost offers secure web hosting to help you stay ahead of online criminals. You don't need to pay any additional fees for this service.

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Cheap Web Hosting Plans

RabHost offers cheap hosting in Pakistan at an exclusive discount price just in PKR 1250 Rs/year. Buy reliable hosting with Free Unlimited SSL & Free CDN.

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Unlimited Web Hosting Plans

RabHost offers the best unlimited hosting package in Pakistan, with more than enough disk space and bandwidth that is perfect for large business websites. So, host your website with the No. 1 web hosting company in Pakistan.

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Automatic malware scanning

RabHost conducts daily scans of all websites hosted on our shared hosting platforms (Linux, WordPress, and Windows) for known malware using commercial tools and our in-house systems. We are able to detect various forms of malicious software such as web shells and spam. Malware can potentially harm your website, allowing unauthorized access to your website data, emails, and content.

  • Disables PHP Mail
  • We take a proactive approach to prevent the spread of malware through emails by automatically disabling PHP mail if any malware is detected on your website.

  • Scan Anytime
  • Our malware scanning service is available on demand, meaning you can run the scanner at any time instead of waiting for the next scheduled scan.

  • Get Instant Results
  • If you find malware on your website, you will need to update your software, themes, or plugins and remove any infected files. Once you've made the necessary changes, you can rescan your website for malware and get immediate feedback on whether your updates were effective.


1 Tbps+ DDoS Protection


Online businesses are at risk of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that can cause severe damage by overwhelming web servers with a large number of requests, making it impossible for regular website users to access the website.

If your shared hosting or virtual private server (VPS) is attacked, you may have no choice but to wait for the attack to stop.

To combat this problem, RabHost has introduced 1 Tbps+ anti-DDoS protection at an enterprise-level, which can defend against most DDoS attacks. This protection filters out only malicious or spam traffic, allowing you to continue working without any interruption. Don't let hackers take control of your online business.

Free Wildcard SSL Encryption

SSL and TLS certificates are crucial components for secure web browsing and data transfer. It's become important for every website to have an SSL certificate due to legal regulations and promotions by Google. At RabHost, we have partnered with Let's Encrypt to ensure that every website hosted by us uses HTTPS and has a free SSL certificate.

Our SSL certificates are wildcard certificates, meaning you can secure your primary domain and subdomains with a single certificate. To obtain a free SSL certificate, your website must use the validated RabHost nameservers, which provide the same level of security as any other SSL certificate.

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PCI Compliant Hosting

If your business accepts online card payments, your hosting must be PCI compliant.

To accept, process, and store debit or credit card information, your hosting provider must comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS). These standards were put in place to reduce online fraud involving debit or credit cards.

The PCI Security Standards Council regularly conducts tests on web hosting providers to identify potential vulnerabilities where hackers could steal debit or credit cardholder information. RabHost consistently passes these independent audits and remains compliant with PCI-DSS.

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Email Virus Protection

At RabHost, we provide the latest techniques to protect your email accounts just like our secure web hosting. Our advanced antivirus and malware scanners and anti-spam protection ensure that all sent or received mails and forwarders are safe.

We use a three-layer approach to spam and malware scanning:

✔ NETWORK LEVEL: We use commercial anti-spam blacklists from Spamhaus, Invaluement, and Barracuda Networks to reject mails from known spam and virus networks.

✔ VIRUS SCANNING: Any known malware or virus signatures are rejected.

✔ CONTENT-BASED: Messages are scanned for spam-like characteristics and filtered into the junk mail folder.

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Brute force login protection

Brute Force Login Protection

RabHost offers protection against brute force login attacks through StackProtect. This feature monitors login attempts to your websites and detects potential automated requests.

If it detects any suspicious activity, it uses the latest Google reCAPTCHA tools to verify the user and blocks the attempt if necessary. This helps prevent cyber criminals from guessing your website administrator password and slows down your website. The feature is applicable to all common website logins, with WordPress Hosting Platform being the most used.

It blocks up to six million spam requests per day.

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