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Leading Web Hosting Company with Incredible Support

Leading Web Hosting Company

  • 2022
  • All of our web hosting becomes powered by 100% renewable energy. RabHost customers on green hosting get the same fast, reliable service, without harming the planet.

  • 2021
  • We opened our first data center in the United States. This gave US customers better access to RabHost’s high-performance hosting.

  • 2020
  • RabHost launches a free content delivery network, offering the same edge caching features as paid CDN's from providers like Cloudflare, Google Cloud CDN. We added 8 extra CDN nodes to expand our free content delivery network.

  • 2019
  • We launched RabHost. With extensive experience as hosting experts, we've created a hosting company that sets good standards.

  • 2017–18
  • We developed our platform, offers website load speeds that other hosting companies are trying to beat. We introduced the first of our Virtual Private Server products, 1 Tbps+ DDoS protection, and free malware scans, Brute force login protection, amongst many other features.


Our founding principles

  • Best technology
  • In order to offer all users the best possible technologies: Our unique autoscaling technology on the web hosting platform is accessible to all, regardless of the type of package selected.

  • Best hardware
  • To use the best servers hardware, we don't skimp and hope our customers won't notice. For this reason, we use 100% SSD and reliable and proven premium hardware.

  • Keep it simple
  • To keep it simple: a commitment to creating stylish, powerful and accessible user interfaces for all of our products.

  • Security first
  • To keep you safe online: All of our packages contain security features that are unique to our hosting and for which many companies charge extra.

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We’re the web hosting specialists

RabHost is one of the top Web Hosting Providers in Pakistan, offering affordable hosting packages including Domain Registration & SSL certificate at an affordable price!

100% SSD storage

Many hosting companies don’t invest for SSD storage, or if they do, they use the cheapest SSD drives. It is so they can keep ‘sticker-prices’ as low as possible. That is not with us: we use Samsung Enterprise SSD's in our storage arrays.

IPv6 and HTTP/2

RabHost web hosting platform is built for the future. We support IPv6, which is the new standard of IP addresses. Our web servers use HTTP/2, a major revision of the HTTP protocol, as standard. HTTP/2 means that browsers can request and receive more data quickly than before. It results in loading websites faster than before.

1 Tbps+ DDoS protection

RabHost introduced 1 Tbps+ anti-DDoS protection. This enterprise level of protection covers your websites against most attacks. It only filter-out malicious traffic, so you can carry on working without seeing any interruption. Don’t let the hackers ruin your business.

Data security

We bake-in security to each layer of our web hosting. Our storage is resilient to the extent that – during a worst-case scenario – whole storage servers and disks can fail with no downtime.

Physical security

All websites and VPS are hosted in secure, state of the art data centers. They are manned 24/7 and include high level physical security. This covers everything from backup power generators to advanced data protection and fire protection.

RabHost free CDN

The RabHost Content Delivery Network will cache your website at different locations around the world, so that it loads faster wherever your users are. It is free and there are no bandwidth limits, so we recommend to use it all the time.

Our Mission

We strive every day to make our customers successful. We're number 1 web hosting company in Pakistan and our mission is to make the internet easier, and faster websites with our powerful web hosting solutions.

Our Vision

At RabHost, we believe hosting is the soul of a strong web presence, and we do it to serve our customers. Our goal is not only to be better, but to be the best in every product we provide.